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Mens Buying Guide

A Man's Secret Guide to Buying Lingerie for Women

There comes a time in every man's life where you must venture to where no man wants to venture alone – a hot lingerie store filled with beautiful sales associates. Sure, this seems like a piece of cake while you are getting there, but once on location, you may start to sweat and babble profusely. However, this is the guide to all guides. This is a quick, secret guide of what every man needs to know before going out and buying lingerie. You will still go in looking lost – what man won't with all the lace and sheer around? However, you'll at least be prepared to answer the sexy store associates questions – and there will be many.

First Off, Go Alone

Going into a sexy lingerie store is intimidating and attention drawing enough. You may think you'll feel more confident with friends, but this is definitely not the case. Two guys buying lingerie is nothing more than awkward. You need your full, undivided attention to picture sexy lingerie such as panties, bras, and garter belts on that special someone. The store attendant will have many questions and ready to assist you, but with the both of you there, her attention will be divided amongst you both. This is the only time you'll want another woman all to yourself.

You Must Know Her Size

The most awkward question you'll receive is "what's her size"? Now why on earth would she impose you with that question? If you're lucky, you may know her size shirt, pants or dress for the outfit you got her for her last birthday. But, shopping for beautiful lingerie is an entirely different ballgame.

  • To purchase a bra, it's a matter of her cup size. Describing it as small and big won't cut it.
  • To purchase panties, it's a matter of her hips, waist, and butt.

For most men, they are going to get the size wrong, and that's ok! Just get the right one wrong. For instance, no woman could get mad at a man for thinking her bra size is bigger than it is or for her panty size to be smaller than it really is. However, if you screw this up, allowing you to sleep on the couch would be very angelic of her.

Now, you can peep into her panty and bra drawer to find out what size she is. However, as a fair warning, do not dig deep looking for sexy fantasy lingerie you've never seen. By now, the reason may be because she can't fit into it. Look for items she proudly wears around you, both in and outside of the bedroom. If you can, write down or take a picture of the tags with your phone. Knowing the brand of the item she has and the size is helpful for the store associate. Just like regular clothing, the brands can make each size vary.

Guessing Her Size

Another option to find out her correct size is something you should be pretty good at. Sure, you and your friends have sat around and talked about how nice a girl's melons are, right? There is a bit of truth behind such statements.

  • A plum is a small fruit. This could indicate your lady is a AA cup.
  • If she's more the size of a lemon, she's an A-cup.
  • Women with ample breasts the size of an orange should be a size B.
  • A full, curvaceous woman could be the size of a grapefruit is a C-cup.
  • Now if she's a voluptuous woman, whose breasts resemble that of a cantaloupe or honeydew, go for a D or DD-cup.

Remember, when making these purchases, the more voluptuous she is, the more support she'll need. So ask the associate to ensure they have an underwire bra for support. Don't be afraid to go towards the plus size lingerie department. Some stores carry these starting much smaller than typical clothing sizes.

If you have no clue still as to her size, skip the bra altogether. Go for a gown or a baby doll outfit, of which we'll go deeper into later. Buy a smaller size lingerie set if you are unsure of her size. She'll feel good about herself and not have to complain to the sales associate how she can't believe you thought she was "fat".

Sex in the City Character: Is She Charlotte or Samantha?

Chances are, at some point you've had the "Let's spend time alone in the house watching my favorite show"night – Sex In the City it is.

Well, this is a great time to put that night to good use. The store associate is going to ask you what she like and what her personality type is. If you can think back to this show, let her know if your love is a Charlotte or a Samantha personality type.

Charlotte is an appearance kind of girl. She's goal-oriented, respectable, and extremely feminine. So she's definitely not the outgoing type.

Samantha, on the other hand, is fun, vivacious, and extremely comfortable with her sexuality. The sexier and more revealing the outfit, the faster she'll put it on (or take it off).

The important thing to note is if your love is more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. If so, give her something simple such as lace boy shorts and a cute camisole. For someone wilder, she's going to be into revealing lingerie, so a thong, garter, and corset would be just what the doctor ordered. Hey, dress up is all fair play, especially if you shop in the women's fantasy lingerie aisle.

What Does She Like?

Now that you have her personality down, it's time to discuss fabrics and colors briefly.

There is more to fabrics than simply lace and satin! Sure they look and feel sexy, but a woman should also feel comfortable if you want them to look comfortable. Depending on her personality, she may be a cotton kind of girl or enjoy the way it hugs her skin.

If you're on a tight budget, be careful not to buy too cheap of a lingerie set. It will look cheaper on her and deteriorate in the wash quickly.

Just because something is sheer, doesn't make it the sexiest outfit. Certain colors look better on women. Your best bet is to start with her favorite color she loves to wear. You can also think of pastels. However, it should be a sky blue or maybe pink. Stay away from patterns (other than Leopard). Flowers are just too girly-girl and is not sexy – it simply states that it's time to go to sleep.

Another safe color is red. Remember, you want the good stuff! And, if you simply can't figure it out, every woman looks good in a sexy black lingerie set. Black is not only flattering to any skin tone, but also makes a woman look slimmer and feel like a classy lady, no matter how revealing it is.

Understanding Lingerie Terms

Now, again, the sales associate will walk you through the store and pick out some of these hot pieces for your girl and explain them all to you. As a quick overview, so you don't go in totally lost and confused (or if you possibly want to order this sexy lingerie online), here is a bit of lingerie terms for you to know.

  • Baby Doll – This has a short nightgown appearance, but extremely flirtatious. It will tie up towards the bust area and then open to drift off the sides of her body.
  • Bustier – Very sexy and tight fitting tops that truly emphasize her breasts.
  • Camisole – Think of a camisole (Cami) like a loose tank top. It flows down to her waist and has lace generally along the top.
  • Chemise – A very sexy and short nightgown. The material is not thick at all!
  • Corset – Much tighter than a bustier, this can be worn tight or loosely laced. If worn tight, it'll give the appearance of a hot hourglass figure.
  • Garter Belt– These are tiny belts attached to panties that hold up women's stockings.

Is She Self-Conscious?

Any of the above outfits can be sexy or plain boring! The idea of sexy for you may be lace trim and barely-there outfits. However, for a woman to feel sexy, she has to feel comfortable with her body. Every woman has an outfit they want to flaunt – you know the one. Remember, this is supposed to be an outfit more so for her to wear than you to stare at. However, you both need to enjoy it. If she's self-conscious about a part of her body, take that to heart. Cover her problem areas: If she's uncomfortable about:

  • her hips or thighs, try something loose in that area such as a chemise.
  • her behind, sexy boy shorts or a chemise.
  • her abdomen area, anything that covers it will do well, even a bustier because it will shapen her out.
  • her small breasts, get her a camisole or nightgown with ribbons and ruffles. Ensure it also has padding and a push-up bra.

Any Chance She's Looking to Spice Things Up?

Now you also need to think if she's laid out any hints for you. She may be secretly and seductively telling you that she'd like to spice things up. Has she changed her hair style or color, started wearing contacts, or now wears higher heels than normal? If her bedroom wardrobe has been the same recently, and she hasn't done any shopping of her own as of late, this may be your chance to show her you're paying attention.

Shopping for sexy women's lingerie is nowhere as easy as changing a flat tire on a rainy night. So you'll definitely get points for getting something sexy that makes you both enjoy the night.